How to Consign

We take seriously our role as the most powerful auction house in Japan for consignors who would like to liquidate properties at competitive value. Please do not hesitate to call us if you are considering selling articles that you hold.
Our strong record of service and results demonstrate that your needs will receive the attention they deserve.

1. Please contact us

You are welcome to contact us in English, or Japanese.
Of course, the privacy of all clients will be respected. The following chart describes the process from initial contact through final sale.

Ginza Medical Bldg., (formerly Gyosei Bldg.,) 7-4-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 JAPAN
TEL : +81 (0)3-3569-0030 FAX : +81 (0)3-3569-0023


2. Staff assignment

After hearing from you, we will assign an appropriate staff member to take care of your matters.

3. Provisional estimate

We ask you to provide us with photos and other documentation (such as size of article, close-ups of artist’s signature, and related information) by post or e-mail.
After our weekly estimate committee meeting considers your item, we will provide you with a provisional estimate of the price it would bring at auctions.

4. Safekeeping of your article

Before being entrusted with your artwork, we will confirm the condition of the article itself at your convenience. Upon issuing a certificate of entrustment, we will insure your work and hold it under strict security.

5. Reserve price

We will consult with you about a reserve price (the minimum price you are willing to accept and below which a lot will not be sold) in accordance with the estimate committee’s assessment.

Should you need an official appraisal for such reasons as inheritance or corporate accounting, SHINWA AUCTION will provide you with an appraisal certificate based on our auction experience and knowledge of the market.

6. Contract

With the exception of the appraisal fee, no payments are required until a contract is signed. We ask that you keep the contract documents in a safe place.

7. Survey and repairs

We will collect as much information about the article as we can, such as whether it has appeared in any catalogues, whether it has ever been exhibited, and the year it was made.

In addition, we can offer advice about repair or replacement of frames, as articles in good condition often attract higher bids at auction.

8. Catalogue

A month before the auction, a colour auction catalogue will be sent to several thousand subscribers.

9. Showing of article

We will first take the article to prospective buyers who may not be able to attend the preview or attend the auction itself.

10. Preview

Prior to the auction, all articles are open to the public for viewing at no charge.

11. Auction

Each item is placed up for auction one at a time.
The auctioneer will solicit bids until the hammer price is decided.

12. Payment

We provide payment of the amount due (hammer price minus expenses such as consignment fee and storage charges) after confirming payment by the buyer, who has 10 days after the auction to convey the funds.


Consignment sale fee : 11.0% of hammer price (tax included)

example) Hammer price : 1,000,000 yen
Consignment sale fee : 110,000 yen
Total paid to consignor : 890,000 yen

Other Charges

Publishing fee : 5,000 yen – 30,000yen
(other expenses for repairs and appraisals)